Month: January 2014

Obligatory first post, oh no!

One of my resolutions this year was to write every day almost every day more often than I did last year, and I thought that blogging was the way to go about it. Though all of my other attempts of blogging have failed miserably. Hmm. You’re setting yourself up for a fall, Jade.

But I like to write! A lot! I’m by no means, the world’s greatest writer, but I enjoy it nonetheless. I guess, there’s a small large part of me that would love love love to have my writing published, I’m not completely delusional and I know it’s going to take a massive amount of hard work and time and effort but who knows, maybe I’ll get there one day. Partly I just want a fandom and I’ll secretly post completely canon fic onto AO3 just to mess with everyone. Ah, no one should ever give me that much power.

I should probably say some things about myself, I like to craft, I like to bake, I like pens and buying notebooks that I just can’t quite bring myself to write in. I’m not even joking, I have a draw full of notepads I haven’t used and have no idea what to use them for, it’s an obsession. My absolute favourite notebooks are definitely┬áMoleskines, maybe I’ve been sucked into the brand name, but I really like how they look and there’s just that certain off-whiteness to their paper insides I really like. Though I do have a few cheapy Moleskine knockoffs, so I can’t be a complete brand snob (though the elastic has gone on one of the cheapy ones, so there’s that).

More recently, I have bought a new Filofax so I am excited to get back into that and try to regain some control of my life. I googled how best to organise myself with the ol’ Filofax and somehow stumbled upon a whole underground society of Filofax decorating and that seems pretty exciting. So I headed out to Hobbycraft and bought all the Washi tape in the clearance tubs (read: all four rolls of the stuff) because Lord knows I didn’t see any elsewhere in store. Maybe I’ll even blog my Filofax weeks, if nothing else, at least I’ll have regular content to post.

Expect a mix batch of posts, I guess, bit of writing, my thoughts on books and films and TV, my job finding efforts, crafty things I have made, my baking attempts, things.

Here’s hoping anyhow.