Mother flipping stationery

I remember that this blog thing started as stationery enthusiasm. So because I’m still in hospital, I’ve been filling the void in my soul with stationery goods.


First up, I bought a Lamy Al-Star fountain pen in copper orange with the matching ink cartridges because Cult Pens sent an email about it and I couldn’t fucking resist.
This photo is terrible because I could barely hold my phone to take the photo.


Then I treated myself to a few things off Little Noah’s Ark. My mum then proceeded to spot the hippo scissors in Tesco. Typical.

There’s another haul on its way but that hasn’t arrived yet.


Then I made the mistake of looking at the Filofax website and saw this beauty. It’s the Personal Domino Patent and it is glorious. I wasn’t going to buy it but my mother is a horrible influence.
I also accidentally ordered the pocket size but managed to get that cancelled and reorder without any issues.


And here it is. I also bought these piggy memo stickers because reasons of cute.
I really need to streamline my notepaper or something because it’s already gotten really, really fat.
The lighting in my hospital room is really terrible, hence terrible photos.


    1. Thank you! As soon as I get out of here, I’m going to turn over a new leaf and become domesticated and organised!

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