Things to acquire

Employment for March onwards My work contract will end in February, and then I’ll be left out in the cold and be at the complete mercy of the DWP again and I cannot go back to living like that again. I was unemployed for a long time before getting this job in June, and I feel so much better about myself because of this job. In an ideal world, I’ll find another position within the same department, less ideally but still fine is a position in a completely different department. but I can’t afford to be picky.

A strong eyebrow gameĀ My eyebrows are growing back in after years of just not having any. I’m currently at a stage where they just look patchy and terrible but I have faith and coconut oil and an eyebrow pencil (although my eyebrows seem to be growing back a lot darker than I ever remember them being).

A finished first draft of my novelĀ I managed to write 50,000 words of my novel for NaNoWriMo, it still remains unfinished and I don’t have an ending as such, but I’d like to finish this one, I have good feelings about it.

There are other things I like to acquire of course; longer nails, longer hair, more money, a rockin’ bod, a sense of purpose, the motivation to see things through to the end, self esteem, super powers and the ability to draw good.