Month: March 2014

Post Box #2

A short time ago, I won Noxyism‘s giveaway and today my goodies have arrived and it’s all terribly exciting.



Here’s a shot of the goods, I’m particularly excited about the nail varnish, the false eyelashes and some of the eye pallets (mostly the neutral colour ones because that’s really all I wear eye makeup wise). Also pretty handy is the compact powder since my own got shattered somewhere between Dorset and Manchester last October and I’ve been coping with it ever since because funds are tight, yo.

But nothing could possibly prepare me for the sheer brilliance of one particular item that I am super excited about. Yes, guys, say hello to this teeny weeny tub of Vaseline


On left: teeny weeny tub. On right, regular UK tin.

It’s ridiculous but I do love how small it is and it not being in a tin is a bit of a novelty to me, when I can eventually bring myself to take it out of the packaging, I’ll do a comparison. There really shouldn’t be any difference but the ingredients list is ever so slightly different, so who knows?

Because if there was one thing I needed, it was definitely more Vaseline.